Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites: The Cons

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites: The Cons

Having an app and a mobile website will help your business, but what if just want to choose one? Here’s a rundown of the cons of each one.

Mobile Website Cons

If you have a desktop website, it’s pretty simple to setup a mobile site. If you had someone else or an agency develop your site, it shouldn’t take a lot cost and time-wise to setup a mobile site. That said, businesses should have mobile sites. For the purposes of comparison, here’s how they stack up against mobile apps.

No app store presence As a business, being visible on all marketing channels is useful.

No push notifications Push notifications are a delicate but amazing way to communicate with your audience. It can be highly targeted and is aligned with their interests.

No offline access Mobile websites need the internet to work.

A challenge to design If you’ve put mobile web design duties to someone who isn’t familiar with usability practices and performance benchmarks, your site can be useless and do more harm than good.

Mobile App Cons

The truth is that comparing mobile apps and mobile websites is like asking to choose between bread and butter. Bread is great, but it’s awesome with butter. Right? Since mobile websites are easier to get up, an mobile app need to have a strong argument for itself if you were to consider getting one set up.

Added setup This used to be a pretty strong con against mobile apps, but now with app building solutions like Greerology LLC, getting an app up and running isn’t really hard and definitely doesn’t take a long time. For a business, the app doesn’t have to be very elaborate at the start. The setup can be quick if you’ve planned ahead.

Extra cost It’s rare that a business wants to have a fully custom app developed for them. Whether for functions like booking, mobile commerce store or as a customer service channel, Greerology LLC is able to provide a do it yourself platform for a fraction of the price of custom apps. Greerology LLC  monthly fees are very low, which saves you a lot in upfront costs and ongoing support.

It’s more work Mobile apps definitely not going to operate themselves. Apps should be part of a larger mobile strategy and marketing strategy. You need to have someone who will spend time learning the ropes of app marketing so you can maximize your app and get a good return on your investment. It’s more work but it promises more returns.  That’s where Greerology LLC comes in and teach you everything you need to know to win in the game.

So, which is good for business?

If you want to bring your business’s mobile presence on a whole new level, getting a mobile app is mandatory. Through your app, you can possibly open up a new revenue stream and bring better service to your customers.

Since it’s not a lot to have one up, you should really think it over.

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