Q. Why choose The Greerology LLC?
A. The Greerology LLC is a cutting edge business tool, that allows you to have a mobile app for the cost of a business card. It enhances your ability to share who and what your business is.

Q. Is The Greerology LLC compatible with iOS?
A. Yes.

Q. Is The Greerology LLC app available for download for the android and other smart phone users?
A. The Greerology LLC app is available for download in the android and google plus stores.

Q. What content do I have to submit to get my app published?
A. Upon signing up for your app you will be sent a email of a list of requirements required.

Q. How long can I expect for my app to be developed?
A. Upon successful delivery of all content required please allow 7-10 business days.

Q. Do you have a refund policy?
A. We offer a full money-back guarentee during the content gathering phase of production

Q. Can I update my app?
A. We provide several update and maintenance packages .