Greerology LLC has a proven track record in performing successful concrete projects on schedule and with the utmost quality of work. Even among the most challenging projects, we continuously meet and surpass customer demands.

Greerology LLC is founded by T. Ray Greer, Jr. and he has always taken proud in small residential projects. T. Ray Greer skills were passed down to him from his grandfather, Logan Boyd, who was a leading contractor in the Mid-South area in the 70’s.  With generations of cement contracting skills behind him, T. Ray has proven to be an expert in the industry. With time and dedication, the company quickly branched out into light commercial projects. As the company developed a reputation for hard work, quality, and customer satisfaction, the size of the company increased substantially. Before long, the company quickly evolved to THE PATIO KING OF MEMPHIS.

Greerology LLC continues to be firmly grounded and guided by our clear set values of honesty, hard work, and a passion for what we do. It is with these values and our strong attributes of productivity, safety, quality and dependability that make Greerology LLC a winning team.

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