What’s The Big Deal About Mobile Apps

Are we talking about mobile apps again?

Let me start by asking you a question (or two, or three..). How much do you use your smart phone on any given day? Does it go just about anywhere with you? What do you use it for? To browse the web, check on social media, watch YouTube videos? Guess what. You’re not alone and I have some stats for you to back it up. The world has gone mobile! No matter who your target audience is, chances are a large chunk of them can be reached via mobile marketing. This is the reason you need to start the process of getting your own mobile app for your brand. To get started click here!

Apps can help your church in five ways

What can apps do for your church??

Our passion is to help churches and ministries leverage technology to help more people hear the Gospel message. Here are a few ways we think mobile apps benefits the church…

Wider Reach
In a day when communication travels faster than ever and is immediately available, we have an opportunity as followers of Christ to take advantage of new tools for sharing the Gospel.

Whether you are creating an app, starting a podcast, or leveraging another communication tool powered by modern technology, you can reach more people with Gospel content than any other time in history.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites: The Cons

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites: The Cons

Having an app and a mobile website will help your business, but what if just want to choose one? Here’s a rundown of the cons of each one.

Mobile Website Cons

If you have a desktop website, it’s pretty simple to setup a mobile site. If you had someone else or an agency develop your site, it shouldn’t take a lot cost and time-wise to setup a mobile site. That said, businesses should have mobile sites. For the purposes of comparison, here’s how they stack up against mobile apps.

Addressing Issues In America

Communities face powerful challenges—a high-school dropout epidemic, youth unemployment, teen pregnancy—that require powerful solutions. In a climate of increasingly constrained resources, those solutions must help communities to achieve more with less. A new kind of community collaborative—an approach that aspires to significant community-wide progress by enlisting all sectors to work together toward a common goal—offers enormous promise to bring about broader, more lasting change across the nation