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Mobile apps are the best investment you will make to get your business in the hands of your customers! Gone are the days of passing out business cards and watching them disappear into the pockets of would be customers. Greerology LLC gives you the ability to measure just how effective your brand really is! Your mobile app brand will be readily available to all your customers to “open up and share” with the world.

Every time your customer opens their phone your brand will be displayed as a functioning app. We’re offering The mobile app at such a low price simply because we believe that access to technology should be affordable for everyone. Greerology LLC offer features and solutions for all your business needs, Find out how to order your app today!

The Entrepreneur Starter is our most affordable mobile app package for any one looking to expand their personal brand or business. The Entrepreneur Starter will help you get started in building your brand awareness, connecting with your clients, and networking. You will definitely set yourself apart from the competition when you open up and share your app. This solution is perfect for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and start ups looking to increase their market audience in the digital mobile space.

Features Include

Includes 10 navigation buttons

1 screen sliders

Up to 50 features available


The Entrepreneur Pro is perfect for a growing business appetite! With it’s great value and special features you will now be able to increase your branding efforts with more promotional sliders, and additional tab functions including rich media capabilities. With The Entrepreneur Pro mobile app package you now get more menu navigation and increased content and design options to highlight your growing business and further convert your sales opportunities.

Features Include

Includes 12 navigation buttons

3 screen sliders

Up to 50 features available


The Business Executive is the ultimate mobile solution for your established brand and business. The Business Executive mobile app package will help to propel your brand even further by offering you increased engagement with your audience. The best features for The Business Executive package are leverage options such as mobile e-commerce, GPS, custom email forms, push notifications, and more so that you maximize the impact of your brand. Your business will be fully satisfied with The Business Executive mobile app package.

Features Include

Mobile store (up to 10 products)

Mobile App Walkthrough

Includes 15 navigation buttons

5 screen sliders

Up to 50 features available